The quince años ritual is a significant way to celebrate the passage from childhood to adolescence, that is the fifteenth birthday of a young woman, the Quinceañera. The young woman, and her parent(s), come to church to give thanks to God and to ask for a blessing. Most often parents request that a Mass in thanksgiving for the gift of their daughter’s life be celebrated with her family and friends. 

  1. Quinceaños Masses in this parish take place on the third Saturdays of the month at 9:30 a.m. in group and the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at 9:30am individually. (The only exception to this is when a Saturday falls on a liturgical feast that does not permit this Mass. In this case the Mass is moved to another Saturday.

Group Quinceañeras

All the young ladies who celebrate their birthdays in a particular month celebrate the Mass together on the third Saturdays, depending on availability. Group Quinceañeras are for two or more young ladies with a maximum of five young ladies.

Individual Quinceañeras

The private Mass is celebrated only for the one young lady that reserves on the second or fourth Saturday.


  • The young lady and her family must be registered parishioners here at St. John Chrysostom.
  • If the young lady is not already Confirmed, she should be enrolled in the parish Confirmation Program and should provide proof of her registration.
  • Ten (10) hours of community service are to be completed at least one month prior to the ceremony.  The coordinator will provide details.


  1. Arrangements must be made with at least 4 months in anticipation. The young lady and her parents must come in to the parish office complete the necessary registration form and give the required deposit

The following are required when booking the date:

            a. Baptismal Certificate

            b. First Holy Communion Certificate

            c. Confirmation certificate (if already Confirmed)

            d. The deposit ($100.00 Group) ($200.00 Individual)

The offering to the parish covers the expenses of operating and maintaining the parish buildings and activities.  It includes flower arrangements (or seasonal decorations) prepared by the parish, 2 altar servers, musician/cantor, and the coordinator.  The offering is as follows:

Non-refundable Deposit-(Group) $100.00 (Individual) $200.00

+          Church Donation-(Group)$300.00 (Individual) $600.00


        TOTALS: GROUP-$400.00 INDIVIDUAL-$800.00

******Special Note for Group Quinceañeras: If no other Quienceañera schedules the same date the total will be $600.******

“As a butterfly emerges and unfolds its graceful wings, a child grows and develops with the love that parents bring. For God gave you wings, but your Mom and Dad taught you how to fly.”